Don't Use Military Force On Bandits, Sheikh Gumi Tells FG

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A message has been sent to the federal government of Nigeria by no other person than controversial Islamic cleric, Ahmad Gumi. 

The cleric who condemned the current military offensive against armed herders and bandits insisted that the move would not stop their activities. He disclosed this on his verified Facebook page on Monday, September 6. 

According to him, the military operation will only complicate the crisis. Gumi says the current military onslaught on bandits in Zamfara would not yield the desired results.


“Let us face the reality, these herdsmen are going nowhere, and they are already in battle gear, and we know our military very well, so before things get messy, we need cold brains to handle this delicate situation." 

He added: 
“Military actions in the past have worsen(ed) the situation stimulating herdsmen resistance. Any more action will push them closer to religious fanaticism. It gives them protection from discrediting them as thieves and also reinforce their mobilization of gullible young unemployed youth as we saw with BH."