International BusinessMan To Gift Davido Rare Transhuman Coins Worth Millions For Donating N251m To Orphans

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 Nigerian singer Davido's N251 million donation to orphanages across the country has continued to earn him praises from all angles and has caught the attention of a businessman. 

Since surprisingly deciding to give away all the N201 million he got from his online appeal to orphanages across the country, Nigerian singer Davido has received worldwide commendations from personalities from all walks of life.

 The singer had actually donated a total of N251 million, adding N50 million of his personal funds to it, a move that earned him praises from Nigeria's former Vice President Atiku Abubakar. 

An international businessman Charles Awuzie has also joined in hailing the singer's kind gesture describing him as Africa's greatest musician. 

In a Facebook post by an aide to Nigeria's Vice President Maria Ude Nwachi, Charles has offered to gift the singer his coins worth millions of naira. Each of the coins is expected to be worth a dollar in the next one year 


The coin named Transhuman Coin, Charles opined, will have a value of $1 (N410) per coin if held for the next one year. Charles, a member of Forbes Business Council, sought help in delivering the coins gift to the Nigerian-American singer. He prayed for Africa to have more great sons like Davido. 

Social media reacts

 Emmanuel Iwuegbu said: "That's a good one bro Charles Awuzie . It's high time Africa begin to explore the Blockchain technology by investing into Cryptocurrency. I buy your idea.  

"Additionally, all the names of the children in the orphanage homes can be compiled, for the purpose of opening a Cryptocurrency wallet for each of them and tokens of this kind should be credited for each. With this in few years each of the kids will not have to bother for funds for high education and even tertiary education." 

Asere Tobi added: "It's a very great idea, but a more volatile gift. "Let's welcome the Nigeria's coin promotion, if the developers are void of greed and theft." 

Richard Anachuna wrote: "Davido has a large heart. i pity all those jealous people baba pass them.... "Tho I'm very sad it is can why don't do it come did that while came to do if? infact because he can be do that why not take it if? so kindly did that to avoid that If did tanks. "Na waitin people go read many times Dem nor go still understand, nai I go dey write now" 

Victor Chidi Okafor said: "Dr Charles dalu, this wonderful intelligent, thank you so much for honoring davido."